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Life Coaching for Communication & Relationships

*Coaching services open to individuals from all 50 states via video / remote sessions*

There are few things as important to our wellbeing as relationships. I’ve spent over a decade studying how to master communication and build lasting and authentic connections. We may struggle with family members, bosses, friends, or romantic partners. In any case, healthy communication, self awareness and esteem moves us from a place of helplessness and frustration, to reciprocity, enjoyment, and satisfying connection.

As a communication and relationship coach, I offer consistent, targeted, and practical support as you navigate relational challenges. These challenges may include, but are not limited to, the following:

+Codependency & Assertiveness

difficulty communicating what you want with others  difficulty setting and holding boundaries  putting other's needs before your own  difficulty knowing who you are and want you want  /  feeling emotionally drained by others

+Family Dynamics

disconnecting from or working through painful family patterns   feelings misunderstood with siblings or parents  /  being "parentified," made to care-take parents

+Romantic Relationships​​

difficulty finding a partner  /  fear of dating   feeling unattractive   being attracted to unavailable, dependent, addicted, or mean partners  /  difficulty staying in relationships  other toxic dating patterns  long-term partner problems

+Conflict Management

working through conflict in any relationship   freezing in conflict   being overly submissive or conflict avoidant  /  managing stress and emotions that comes up in relationships​​​

Visit the "Schedule an Appointment" page for contact, fee, and booking information.

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