Counseling Services

*Available to individuals in Washington and Minnesota via Telehealth*

My Clients

I specialize in treating adults and teens (age 16+)  with anxiety,  mood disorders,  trauma,  and relational difficulties.


Other needs include but are not limited to the following: 

emotional overwhelm,  low self-esteem,  codependency,  PTSD and trauma recovery,  bipolar II disorder and cyclothymia,  major life changes,  body image issues,  lack of fulfillment,  grief,  depression,  dating and singleness,  assertiveness training,  loneliness,  conflict management 

My Approach
I provide trauma-informed relational psychodynamic therapy. This means that I attend to the self as a whole system shaped by attachment relationships, past experiences, sensations, thoughts, and emotions. I also consider the relationship between the therapist and client as a useful part of the healing process. For those contending with specific traumas or chronic traumatic patterns, I offer EMDR therapy and Lifespan Integration. 


As for my style, I bring immense attention and emotional focus to my work with individuals. I love watching each person grow in self-compassion, assertiveness, and courage through our weekly meetings.

What To Expect

In your first session we will explore your goals and hopes for therapy, and whether we are a good fit. From there each appointment offers a space for you to bring thoughts, emotions, stories, or questions for us to explore.

Therapy can be difficult sometimes - personal growth and healing can stir up uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and memories. My role will be to help you move through this process with self-compassion, practical tools, and a sense of purpose.